Jitokeze WamamaWafrika was founded in May 2010 and in August 2011 it was officially registered as a community based organization by the Ministry of Gender and Social Services in West Pokot County in Kenya, acquiring 903 as its registration number with the Government of Kenya.

Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika was founded by Philipine Kidulah and her Friends, Christine Buettgen, Christine Reiher and Keela Keeping. It was founded following the Vision of Philipine to see that the marginalized and most vulnerable people and land in West Pokot county  increase their ability to anticipate, cope with and overcome the challenges that frequent droughts has on their overall wellbeing, the state of the land and the future of the community.

Philipine, who was born and brought up in West Pokot County has experienced and witnessed first-hand the vulnerability of her people to the impacts of Climate Change, thus her growing concern for her people and their future led her to mobilize her friends and family to join efforts in starting and running an organization which would be dedicated to improving the capacity of vulnerable women, girls and their households to anticipate, cope with and overcome the impacts of droughts and conflicts in her home area. Thus in September through to November 2010, as part of her Master’s Degree program at Eastern University,  Philipine traveled backed to her homeland in Kenya and conducted a feasibility study among women in West Pokot County in order to assess the capacity of women in West Pokot to attain sustainable food security. The findings of this Survey are what formed the basis for starting the programs presently run by Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika.