Food Security Program Update-15th March 2016


some members of Soibei SHG transferring seedlings from their nursery and putting them in tubes.

some members of Soibei SHG transferring seedlings from their nursery and putting them in tubes.

Soibei Falls Irrigation scheme Self Help Group is one of the groups we started working with late last year here in Kapenguria ward. Although participants had enough water for irrigation and large tracks of land, they were not getting much out of farming due to lack of expertise knowledge in crops production.

Mr Richard Kibet is one of the people who tried practicing agriculture but due to the low returns he was getting, he decided to quit and move to Lodwar to start up a business. He came back recently and found those he had left behind doing well and this got him curious. It was then that he learned from his father Mr. Stanley who is the Community Development committee of Soibei Falls Irrigation scheme Self Help Group that they had joined Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika and are now benefiting from trainings and certified seeds that are not readily available in the market.

Mr Kibet decided to join the group and after attending classes for just two months, he decided to close down his business and concentrate on farming. He has cleared a two acre piece of land and he is planning to plant cabbages, kales, capsicum and carrots in large scale to sell.

Kibet shares that he had lost all hope in farming considering the slope of his land that leads to soil erosion during rainy seasons but now he has learnt that he can use contour ridges and plant cover crops like nappier grass which will double up as feeds to his cow that he is planning to buy.

Although Soibei SHG practices pure crop productions, Kibet has also showed his interest in poultry keeping and he has been sacrificing his free time to attend poultry training being offered to another group. Kibet believes in the power of knowledge and he is glad he came back on time and is also grateful to the organization for offering trainings to people.

At the moment, soibei SHG is preparing tree nurseries and putting seedlings in tubes for their agro forestry project. they have raised pawpaw, eucalyptus, Cyprus and gravelier seedlings. this seedlings will be planted in the group demo site, sold to other farmers and some will be distributed to each participant to plant in individual farms.