Food Security Program -Updates 09th February 2016


Our FSP project is making a major impact on most of the farmers we are working with in the various self help group. We are glad to share how through this project Mrs. Sofia Mathias a member of Mosoriot SHG has been given a piece of land by her husband after seeing her dedication in practising sustainable Agriculture.
Sofia who had initially been depending on her husband for everything shared with us how her life changed greatly after joining Mosoriot group. Through the training she was receiving from her trainer Mrs. Yator, she prepared small patches of land after which she planted coriander, hot pepper, kales and established a tree nursery at her home. Despite the harsh weather conditions, her garden flourished and she started selling her produce to nearby hotels and to her neighbors. She shares that since then she has never approached her husband for money and this is what has made him so happy to a point of buying for her a one acre piece of land.
She states that when she joined the group she thought it was just a waste of time just as many people do. But at the moment she has seen the benefits and is even telling other women especially those who just sit doing nothing to join groups because it will be beneficial to them in the long run. She adds that ‘nowadays my husband is the first person to remind me I should be at the demo site meeting with other members and learning new things and not wasting my time at home. I am grateful to Jitokeze for empowering me and making me food secure and financially stable.’ At the moment, we have appointed sofia as the chepkube trainer in Kapenguria ward. Together with her trainer, she is helping other farmers who are keeping chicken in establishing these structures that helps keep their chicks safe from cold and predators.
Apart from farming, sofia and her husband also make bricks for selling to earn money to educate their children.