Food Security Programs -Update 19th October 2015


Food security Program

After a long period of droughts in our region, we are glad that it has started raining again. Currently our tailoring students who are also in the Bio Intensive Agriculture, Agro forestry and poultry farming are transplanting vegetables from the seed bed that they had prepared last month. These vegetables will be consumed at the center by the students when it is ready while part of it will be sold to neighbors to raise income.


JWW students harvesting maize from our farm at the center.

We have started harvesting our maize although we are doing it in turns because the farm is approximately 2acres and we cannot harvest the whole of it at once. We are however rushing to complete this task to prevent our maize from rotting due to the heavy downpours. Our students have also taken the responsibility of looking after our improved local breed chicken, ensuring they have food and water as well as collecting eggs. This they have been able to do after receiving trainings from Mrs Perpetual Yator our field officer who trains them on B.I.A, agroforestry and poultry.

We are also monitoring groups and farmers’ progress to assess the impact of the program. We are currently measuring skills and knowledge acquisition but we are also glad to find farmers who are replicating what they do at the demo sites in their farms. For instance we managed to visit Mrs.Sophia Matia a group member in Mosoriot group and we were delighted by how she has worked in her small farm to produce coriander, hot pepper, kales and sorghum. She is selling these products and generating income for herself and her family.

Mrs Sophia Matia giving corriander to Jackline Chemutai, the programs coordinator.