Income Security program-update 10th December 2015


We are happy to see young girls and women who joined us with low self esteem and poor perception about themselves due to the hard life they have been through leave us empowered and full of hope and determination.

jane wanjiru showing a bag she has made

jane wanjiru showing a bag she has made

During this quarter, two of students have graduated from our income security program. Dorothoy cherop who joined us in January 2014 graduated in October while Jane Wanjiru followed shortly this December. ‘with the skills I have acquired from my trainers Mary Makokha and Mr. Ken Omondi who left some time back, I am confident to start my own sewing business and give customers what they need’ Jane Wanjiru.

Wanjiru, 55years old and a mother of five has been with Jitokeze since 2012 and despite her age, she has been a committed and disciplined student and always eager to learn even from her juniors and those who joined us recently. ‘people used to laugh at me when they heard I am back in school and some even tried to discourage me saying I am too old to sit down and be taught. I am proud of myself and now i not only have knowledge and skills but also a sewing machine to start my business with.’

Jane explains that although she has been in the training for a very long time, she still felt she needed her trainers and she is happy they never failed her. She says she has had a plat form to practice making all kind of cloths and bags and she does not regret the holidays she sacrificed just to be at the centre and work on orders brought in by our clients while learning from her trainer Miss Makokha. While Jane leaves the organization empowered, we feel the gap she has left because she was not just a mother to all of us but a good advisor and councillor due to her age and experience.

The two graduates have left the organization with a sewing machine each to boost them as they venture into the out side market. We are looking forward to visiting them and finding out how they are faring on as well as provide the necessary assistance needed.