Income Security Program Update-23rd November 2015


director addressing students during the closing of the school

director addressing students during the closing of the school

Our students in the tailoring training closed on 20th November for their December Holiday. We started off the year with 17 trainees but some of them dropped out along the way due to lack of interest, passion for a different course and negative attitude. We however admitted more students to fill up their place and we are happy we have ended the year with 21 students.

Most of the trainees joined us with no knowledge in tailoring but after the hard work invested in by our staff, most of them can now make pleated skirts, dresses, shorts, bloomers and wrap skirts, school uniforms and even rompers and pants.

Although we do not offer KNEC exams to our trainees, we have our own internal exams that we administer to them. We have registered great improvement this year basing on the fact that most of our trainees lack the basic reading and writing skills. At the moment only three trainees are having difficulties in reading and writing.

This term, the performance has been much better compared to second term’s performance. Our trainees attained a mean score of 335.7 while last term they had 326.5.

Next year from January, we are expecting our students to be taking computer courses, catering classes and we have found a counselor who will be counseling them on a monthly basis. Training in tailoring, livestock and poultry husbandry, nutrition and Bio Intensive Agriculture will continue from where we have stopped this term.

We are expecting our tailoring trainees to report back on 5th January 2016 after which we will start admitting new students for the catering course.