Income Security Program Updates -09th Feb 2016


tailoring students during an exams

tailoring students during an exams

Our enrollment in the income security program under tailoring training has increased to 26 students from last year’s 13. The new students most of who come from the groups we are working with in our food security program joined us late last month and we are happy to share that they have gotten acquainted with our routine, blended into the system and have even sat for their first continuous assessment test.

Due to their lack of knowledge in reading and writing, we have decided to change our examination system whereby we select those who cannot write or read at all and offer them an oral exam while those who can read and write are allowed to write their exams. This measure was necessary because some of the students cannot write or read and they must sit for theory exams besides practical. We have managed to add another teacher to tend to them as the former one continues with the other students in the production class.

Our former students now in their second year are showing good progress in their work. They have been able to make school uniforms for the rescued girls and 10 rompers for shipment to our clients. Although they have just been introduced to computer studies, they have embraced it and they are eager to learn get the most out of it within the short period of time remaining before they graduate.