Income Security Programs -Updates 27th October 2015


Lilian showing a dress she has made using a paper.

 Most of our students are young mothers and despite the hardships they have been through, they have not given up in life but rather they have decided to face their fears and create a good future for their children.
Lilian, one of our student, a wife and a mother of five has been having difficulties balancing between her training and her family in which she is the bread winner. She is grateful to the organization for understanding her dilemma and giving her time on weekends to go home, be with her family and raise the required fee as well as find food that her young children will consume during the week when she is not around.
She tells us that it is not easy but she has made up her mind to complete her training and get a sewing machine with which she believes her family’s life will change immensely. ‘Once I graduate, I will open my own business. I will be making clothes for people and selling them the best fabrics. From the little I have learnt since I joined Jitokeze in May this year I have gained the knowledge and skills of making dresses, school uniforms, shorts and shirts and now am working on making pleated skirts and dresses.’
The 29 year old mother has been surviving through collecting firewood and selling it to people at Morpus Center. She is happy because through her hard work she has been able to get a part time job which she works when we break for holidays. She states that she helps in cutting fabrics for making clothes and sometimes her employer gives her minor repairs to do when customers are many. Although the pay is low, she says it helps her build confidence and have a real experience of how to interact with customers.
Lilian is one of the most hard working students and we believe through the skills she is gaining and her dedication she will have a bright a future for herself and her family