Prisca Chepkiach  second from Left receiving a sewing machine during her graduation.

Prisca Chepkiach second from Left receiving a sewing machine during her graduation.

Chepkiach Prisca is one of the students that have realized the positive impact the program has had on her. She is the first student who managed to graduate from the tailoring school having attained the requirements for her qualification. Upon her graduation we awarded her with a sewing machine after she had saved half of the amount needed to purchase the sewing machine, from the earnings she had made through commissions she received for producing sewed items for the program. She explained that her success was timely since she had just been blessed with a newborn baby girl –‘God’s time is actually the best. I lack words to express my gratitude towards this success. I will ensure that I maximize the opportunity I have with this machine so as to benefit my family and the community at large.’


The success of Priscah, has caused many other marginalized girls in the community to apply to join the tailoring program at our training center. We have received requests from an overwhelming number of women and girls who wish to be enrolled in the program and this has been a challenge for us because we only have 19 sewing machines and can only carter to the needs of 19 students at a time. This being a practical type of training that also attracts semi illiterate women and emphasizes on high quality of sewing production, we have chosen to keep the class small at 20 students per class because we have experienced that one trainer can comfortably serve a maximum of 20 students at a time. Hence rather than buying new sewing machines we have chosen to diversify our courses to include one on Food Technology and Catering which we can provide to women and girls who wish to enroll in the program. Currently we are still working on raising the funds needed to purchase the equipment and furniture as well as pay a trainer who is qualified to provide this technical course in Food Technology and Catering. It is our hope and plans to be able to start this class in January of 2016 and carter for 20 students annually.