Food Security Program-Updates 12th November 2015.


Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika has managed to deliver water harvesting equipment such as water pumps, PVC delivery pipes and fencing materials (chain links) to some of the groups in the income security project.We had earlier on introduced the aspect of cost sharing between the groups and the organization with the aim of making the group members embrace the project as theirs and own it rather than saying it belongs to the organization.. Although this directive made us unpopular among most of the groups that we had mobilized, some of our groups worked hard towards raising half the required cost of purchasing the needed equipment while we contributed the other half, purchase the equipment and deliver it to the group at their respective demo site.

We have been very careful to ensure that one group does not benefit more than another group. To achieve this, a group is only allowed to request for one item that they need most.

water pump pictures

Madam Lucy Kitele handing over a water pump to Karamomisiyo’s group chairman.

We are also going to promote our farmers who are dealing with poultry husbandry by giving them an equal number of the total chicks they have purchased from us. This will motivate group members as well as boost the farmers to reach their goals of rearing chicken to promote food security and generate income for themselves, their families and the community. Most of the groups have however not received their requests due to failure of raising the required money to meet up half the cost of what they need but we are hoping that by early next year all groups will have benefited from this initiative.