Food Security Program Update -22nd December 2015


our farmers at Kiminini learning more about tissue culture bananas

our farmers at Kiminini learning more about tissue culture bananas

Most of our farmers in the food security program were lucky to be taken on a study tour for exposure and to learn more about sustainable agriculture. The 41 farmers who came from lomut, masol, Cheptulel, morpus and Kapenguria wards started by visiting our center at Bendera and they were impressed by our bio intensive gardens and the poultry project that we are running.  Solomon Kasenya, chairman Atiangaror group Cheptulel ward expressed his joy and amazement in how we have managed to rear so many chickens in a small enclosed space. He says that he never knew that chickens could be enclosed and still lay eggs just by ensuring they are well fed. He amused us with his enthusiasm to share what he was learning with his group members and even recorded some audio to use in passing knowledge to other farmers who didn’t get the chance of going on this tour.

The 41 farmers and 12 of our staff  had the chance of visiting VI Agro-forestry Kitale where they were taken around and educated on the different types of crops, how to plant them and the benefits derived from each. They were also taken through the Agro forestry section and gained knowledge on the different trees and their uses.

Jane Korwatum chair lady relion women group cheptulel ward was impressed by the kitchen gardens she saw and the quality of the vegetable produced. She states that she has been hearing of this farming method from her teacher but she has never gotten a chance of seeing a demonstration. She says she is not going to waste water but is going to establish B.I.A beds at her home and plant vegetables.

Although these were purely DTC farmers, we also took them through the poultry section where they were educated on the different breeds of poultry and shown the eggs produced by each.

This tour was beneficial not just to our farmers but also to our staff members who got a chance of increasing their knowledge base. Perpetual Yator field Officer Kapenguria ward said that she has learnt a lot and is going to pass this to the groups she trains.

Food Security Program-Updates 27th October 2015


Kamerinya Group’s demosite from Right, Mrs Yator FO Kapenguria ward, Ruth the M&E coordinator, Jackline Programs Coordinator and Mr. Johnson the Group’s chairman.

After visiting Mosoriot and assessing their progress, this week we visited Kamerinya Group and we are happy their demo site is all green. This group being in Kapenguria ward decided to plant vegetables and less DTC crops because the later does not do well in the region.

Some of the vegetables they have are capsicums, coriander, kales, spinach and spider herbs. They have also planted a portion of sweet potatoes and cassavas.

The group is enjoying the fruits of its labor because it is now supplying vegetables to market women and earning some money.

At our center our girls are still harvesting the maize and shelling it. Due to the heavy rains, we have scheduled the harvesting to be once a week so as to give space for the already shelled maize to dry. Due to this challenge, harvesting will take longer than usual.

JWW students and staff shelling maize after harvesting part of their maize farm.