During the course of this month, we have been able to visit with most of the groups in our food security program and the outcome has been encouraging. despite the persistent drought and harsh weather conditions, some of the groups managed to plant the certified seeds that we had distributed in the month of August.

In Kapenguria ward, Kamerinya self help group has managed to plant spider herbs, kales, beans and coriander. just like the other groups in other wards, this group is relying heavily on irrigation and they have been able to harvest and sell some of their produce.

In Morpus ward, Chepkobeigh Economic Empowerment Enterprise group managed to make a kitchen garden in their demosite and currently they have planted kales, cow peas, spider herbs and some fruit trees are in the nursery awaiting transplanting.

most of the groups however are still waiting for rains but even as they wait they are continuing with their trainings as well as participating in the chicken value chain project which most farmers have embraced warmly

currently we are working towards facilitating our groups to get water harvesting equipment that they had requested from us so as to ensure there is sufficient water for irrigation in the various demo sites. However, our facilitation is based on cost sharing whereby the group contributes half the required money for whatever it is they are requesting and we give the remaining half. we believe that this approach will motivate the groups to work tirelessly in their projects because they will feel they own it.