Income Security Programs Update- 19th January 2016


Most of our students are back from the December Holiday and training has already begun. Those in the production class are currently working on school uniforms for six of our rescued girls who sat their KCPE last year and will be joining St Elizabeth for their secondary education. While those in the training class are still working hard in making neat products to enable them be promoted into the production class.

With the need to develop our students both academically, socially and psychologically, we have incorporated other subjects such as computer classes, basic reading and writing as well as guiding and counseling sessions besides tailoring and Agricultural training that we were initially offering. We hope that by equipping these girls with these skills and knowledge, they will be able to fend for themselves as well as learn how to get along with others and survive in this competitive world.

Although our catering course has not started yet due to lack of essential equipment, we have instead decided to give admission to 20 more tailoring trainees most of who have already reported and being oriented to get an understanding of our programs and the organization at large. These students have been taken from most of the groups we are working with in our food security program.


production students making school uniforms for the rescued girls

production students making school uniforms for the rescued girls