Income security program-update 19th October 2015


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Nelly Chebeni on the left and Mary Makokha on the right counting the products with the client

Since the opening of third term, early September, our students in the income security program have been working towards perfecting their sewing skills in order to make products that are acceptable to our clients. Although they are still using papers to draw patterns and sew them before being given materials to prevent wastage. we are delighted by the progress being recorded by most of our students. Lilian for instance has been able to successfully make a child’s dress from a paper and we are planning to give her real materials to make a similar dress.
Training on how to make rompers and pants is still going on but they have also been making wrap skirts and bloomers for St Mary’s Assumption primary school.
In total our students have managed to make 11 blouses, 11 bloomers and 15 wrap skirts.
We are happy to have handed over 33 skirts
and 11 blouses to exodus rescue Center after our girls in the production class successfully completed making them as was required. Although they are still practicing making rompers, we believe that they will soon be able to start making them for shipment to our clients in the United States of America.
we are however facing a major challenge with some of our students because they lack basic reading and writing skills. this challenge has made it hard for them to perform well in their internal exams but we are hoping to introduce reading and writing classes from next year to assist them.


Nelly Chebeni (right) and madam Lucy Kitele (left) handing over the finished school uniforms.

Nelly Chebeni (right) and madam Lucy Kitele (left) handing over the finished school uniforms.