Jonas Salk’s sense of promotion is that ‘The greatest reward for doing something is the opportunity to do more.’ 6 of our tailoring students experienced this reward during this second term of school this year because they were given the opportunity to join the production class after showing great improvement in their practical sewing training. One of these promoted students is called Nelly Chepeni who shared this in her conversation with one of the staffs, ‘The trainers have been pleased with my work but I must say that I am the one who is much impressed. I will be earning some commission from the products I will make. I am determined to work my fingers to the bone to ensure that I become an expert like Kenneth my trainer.’

As much as some students have had the opportunity to progress to the next class, three students still face great difficulties in the program mainly due to the fact that they lack the basic skills in reading and writing. Our trainers have tried to utilize different strategies in assisting them during the training process but still the ladies registered poor performance at the end of this school term and are lagging behind the students who are literate. As a result of this experience we made the decision to start a special class next term for the illiterate students, whereby we will provide them with one hour of basic training in reading, writing and counting.