Food Security Program Update 22nd April 2016


members of Cheptirak Women Group receiving certified seeds from JWW

members of Cheptirak Women Group receiving certified seeds from JWW

To increase food production among the groups we work with, we are working on promoting the use of certified seeds in all our demonstration plots so that participants in our various groups can get the concept and later on practice it in their farms.

Although last year we distributed drought tolerant seeds to our groups, they did not get much from the harvests because most of the crops were destroyed by goats and drought. This year however, we have encouraged groups to raise half the required costs of fencing materials which we have matched and supplied them with chain links to secure their demo sites. we have also distributed the seeds early enough to avert the adverse effects of drought after this long rains.

We are hopeful that after training farmers on sustainability and the need to save seeds once they harvest, they will be able to raise seeds from their demo site and distribute it among themselves so that they can plant in their own farms.

This year, we have supplied our groups with green grams, cow peas, maize, ground nuts and mwitamania beans seeds and all groups have started planting. the excess seeds were shared in small portions among all the participants so that they can also raise them in their farms back at home.