Income security program Update 15th March 2016


tailoring trainees in class learning vowels and forming words

tailoring trainees in class learning vowels and forming words

Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika seeks to build women’s capacities to access resources such as income, credit, markets, agricultural inputs, as well as the social support they need to break free from the chains of poverty and vulnerability to droughts and conflicts by providing them with basic training in tailoring and sustainable agriculture.

This year we have added 17 new students most of who comes from Kapenguria, Morpus and Lomut wards. Most of these girls knew that they will just be trained in sewing products but in our desire to empower them in all spheres of life we also offer them basic computer training, agro forestry and crops production training, poultry keeping practices and basic reading and writing training along with the tailoring training.

Ruth Chelimo, one of our students and a class 6 drop out expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the organization and to all the staff members for believing in them and offering themselves to help. She shares that simple as it may sound, she did not know how to perform simple calculations or construct sentences and communicate effectively. But because of the training she is receiving, she has hope and her mind has broadened.

Just like Ruth, most of our students did not get a chance to even complete their primary education and as such they face a major challenge when it comes to reading and writing. As a result, we decided to introduce basic reading and writing classes to help them learn how to read and perform simple calculations to increase their chances in this competitive world.