It was with great pleasure that we received and hosted some of the friends of Jitokeze who were on a three days visit at our centre in Bendera before joining our staff on a two days retreat in Chester in Central Pokot. During their stay at the centre, our students in the tailoring training had the opportunity of interacting with them and they were great sources of inspiration to our girls.
The students had the chance of learning how to make rompers and pants and it was amazing how they quickly mastered and even managed to make some on their own after being trained. The rompers and pants made by the girls were later shipped to America where they got a ready market and more orders for the same placed.
Loice one of the students who made a romper commented that it was not easy at first because this is a new design they have never done but after watching and following keenly, she realized it was just like making any other type of cloth. She added that they used to waste lots of materials during cutting but they have now learnt how to reduce the wastage by using the already drawn patterns and cutting the fabric from the edge.
The visitors had time to mentor our girls and the staff spiritually by reminding us of our relationship with God despite the hard ships we face. Through sharing stories and opening up to each other, we realized that we are all equal and going through the same difficulties but there is always an answer if we look up to God.
Apart from mentoring us spiritual and psychological, the visitors took their time to train our girls how to make cakes and decorate them for different occasions. The girls made different types of cakes and organized a small party for the staff, our neighbours and the visitors to celebrate our hard work.