All programs update- 13th October 2015


jww showcasing their products at the show.We are pleased to have attended the West Pokot agriculture and trade fair show that was held from 7th October to 10th October 2015 at the Kishaunet show ground. With the theme being enhancing technology in agriculture and industrial for food security and national growth, we got a chance of exhibiting our food security program and how we have been promoting our farmers from low land areas of west Pokot to engage in the farming of drought tolerant crops (D.T.C) such as rice, sorghum, green grams, ground nuts among other DTCs as well as how to store their produce in the metal silos, a technology that helps prevent pests infestation.

We had a chance of explaining to farmers who visited our stand the importance of engaging in poultry keeping and most especially the improved local breed chicken. Most farmers from Kapenguria were fascinated by the size of the eggs acquired from this breed. Some of them bought the eggs but because we did not have enough for everyone, others had to give us their contacts so that we can reach them when we have chicks and more eggs. Under our income security program, we carried our products including the different types of bags, bible covers, school uniforms, baby clothes and the latest fabrics that we are currently using to make baby clothes.
We received many visitors most of who were attracted to our stand by the colourful products that decorated our tent. Although we did not manage to sell most of the products, we received vital information that we are planning to use in customizing our products so as to capture the local market.
Apart from asking us to open our shop at Makutano town to sell our products, visitors asked us to make smaller back pack bags for carrying laptops. Some suggested that we customize the toiletries bags to have a compartment for tissue papers while others asked us to venture into male clothing line using the African Print fabrics.